It is difficult to have a connection with customer, and it is much more challenging to maintain that relationship. Building a good reputation in public for your company is the key to engage and keep your customers coming back.

Public Relation (PR) can help your company conveys positive messages to customers and their important public groups. Together WEDOAN and you can uncover your brand’s formula for success.

We will work with you to figure out the best way to align your business to accelerate your smarter form. WEDOAN would be able to persuade, create a personal image and increase the goodwill from the customer. The public is the final result that your company must achieve.

Taking actions to become a winner. The scope of activities of PR is very wide, we focus on the following areas: organizing special events, overcoming crisis, instability or maintaining relations with the media information. Besides, we also do tasks such as information preparation, sponsorship, charity or domestic affairs.

Ensure your PR tools are consistent with your company’s strategy by running a total or partial audit of your operations. We also undertake, recording and analyzing all the data as well as define some key opportunities, and potential threats to your organization.

We need to evaluate the PR strategies after delivering the message to customers. WEDOAN will help you to see how effectively are your PR tools working, and adjust if needed.