Smart Digital Transformation

With the rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G network becomes a reality, your business needs the smarter forms to fit the future. WEDOAN masters the smart transformation process of smart communication initiative. We develop smart creative strategy that transform your business timely to reach significant grow business and enhance competitivities.


In the Internet era, most businesses are unable to keep pace with technology changes at a rate, and it is this lag that brings risks into the business operations of organizations. Many security leaders need to monitor this ever-increasing, turbulent network landscape to manage risk.


WEDOAN provides cybersecurity roadmaps that establish pathways your organization can follow to improve its overall risk management approach. We go to your company, analyze how data is transported around and define where are the weak spots. Based on the data collected, we will build a security strategy that fits into your company and it must be effective and efficient solution.


What will happen to your organization after a cybersecurity attack? The answers are that you may lose company’s data, customer’s data, money, and etc. According to Statistics Canada, Canadian businesses reported spending $14 billion in 2017 to prevent, detect, and recover from cyber security incidents. The most threatening activity these days is ransomware because if your company is attacked, it is almost impossible to retrieve.


After these losses, you never want to have this incident one again and you do not want it at all; therefore, WEDOAN can help your company to build a strong resilient system that is crucial for your business survival from future attack activism.