Web Design

In the digital era, first impression is important, and a prominent website is the key to success. Building a website just to look good is not enough, it will be difficult to exist without anyone interested.

You need an application or a website for your personal use or for your organization, we will discuss about your needs. After receiving this full of website design requirements, we conduct technical requirements analysis, system analysis, planning project implementation plan.

We define functionality requirements, target audiences, competitors, key messages and SEO. Based on your requirements, website content and layout, logo, slogan, field, color tones, etc. We will design demo make sure the interface meets the requirements set out, you review, give feedback and approve.

Next step, our design team deploys your project, turn it over to Web Development team, and challenge them to come up with outstanding designs that are as functional as they are attractive.

Web Development

WEDOAN, with the leading web-developing team, will help you create a website or application with professional and modern design, suitable for the development of any size enterprises, and optimize Internet communication solutions, Digital Marketing on both PC and mobile at a reasonable cost. 

We fully customize your website or application from the front to back-end. Our development team excitedly goes to work slicing, coding, developing, testing and re-testing your website or app in a demo environment. We spend more time testing over and over again to make sure everything working properly. Then, your turn to test it, you review, give feedback and approve.

Final step is to launch your website or application and test it online to make sure it is perfect. If it has Content Management System (CMS), we will train you to use it. We will maintain the website, and support customers goods in the process of using and managing websites.

Your Need

SMART package 

from $979.99

  • Basic logo
  • Basic CMS
  • Single page website
  • Responsive design
  • Support hosting (Dedicated, Shared)
  • Smart plugin

SMARTER package

from $3,999.99

  • 03 custom design logos
  • 01 business card
  • Advanced CMS
  • 1-10 pages
  • Responsive design
  • Premium design style
  • SEO customization
  • Including Secure Socket Layer
  • Support hosting (Dedicated, Shared)
  • Smarter plugin

SMARTEST package

from $9,999.99

  • Custom design logos and slogan
  • 03 business card
  • Premium CMS
  • 1 – 20 pages
  • Fully customize front to back-end
  • Database integration
  • Responsive design
  • SEO customization
  • Premium design style
  • Including Secure Socket Layer
  • Support hosting (Dedicated, Shared)
  • Support 24/7
  • Content design
  • Smartest plugin